We Are Happy

We Are Happy (In The Bosom of the Dear Leader!)

A light-hearted comedy about North Korea.

We have nothing to envy in the world! Even if a sea of fire comes towards us, sweet children do not be afraid. Our Dear Leader is here.

Welcome to our totalitarian paradise where all live in productive harmony! We Are Happy is a funny time puppet show about how wonderful our country is.

Don’t worry, this show is not dark or creepy, and certainly not propaganda! Come join She-Bear the puppet for supreme and majestic adventures. There will be singing and dancing, and lots of food because we are not experiencing a famine at all!

‘(Sabrina D’Angelo) will have you in stitches‘ – The Age

The physical comedy of Sabrina D’Angelo, showcased in a sketch where she plays a Year 12 drama student doing a post-eco-feminist dance is horrifically funny (emphasis on ‘horror’)‘ – TimeOut Melbourne

‘The one who provokes us will not escape death!‘ – Authorised News Channel

Created and Performed by Sabrina D’Angelo
Composed by Julius Millar

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012

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