Body Poetry

_DSC8456 as Smart Object-1 copy

A screensaver for the soul. Delicate and brutal. Divine and dumb. A ballerina/wrestler bodyslams the sun. The grace of infancy. The wisdom of chimp. Tongue licks a postage stamp blimp.

An express drain to the spirit sewer. Red hexes & inky clowns. A fast-forwarded minstrel runs backwards, sideways, over & down. An octopus princess with a suck-love face. Strums the harp of disco faith.

Jibes and jubes. Perves and prudes. Ice-hot truth for deity dudes.

A plasticine priestess purring like plums. Premium bedlam. Oceans of yester-yum. A tiddly jig for the judo-toddler. Trampoline dreams and wan waddlers.

A skip and a rut. A femme-fool erupts.

Limbs in limbo. Beautiful bingo. Pester testing, Joy fandango.

Meat cordial for the Gods of Jest.


By Justin Heazlewood

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