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Sabrina is from Australia, which is a small island off the coast of New Zealand. She was born the world’s first puppet-human, or ‘pu-man’, and was operated by her mother via umbilical cord for the first few minutes of her life.

Her more recent achievements include completing a Bachelor of Acting from Theatre Nepean (2006) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Puppetry from the Victorian College of the Arts (2008). She has also been a recipient of the Australia Council’s ArtStart (2011) and JUMP Mentoring (2013) grants. Sabrina works as a Clown Doctor in children’s hospitals across Sydney.

Some of Sabrina’s recent performance credits include:

Monster / Woman (Melbourne Writers Festival 2019)
Liner Notes: A Tribute to Ziggy Stardust
(Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2018)
All of My Friends Were There
(Melbourne International Arts Festival 2017)
Zen the Pigeon Girl
 (Rock Surfers Theatre Company 2015)
Support for Amanda Palmer’s Sydney Festival season (2014)
Why Do I Dream? (Various seasons, WINNER – BEST COMEDY at NZ Fringe 2014)
Body Poet (Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 2013)
We Are Happy (Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2012)
The Bedroom Philosopher’s High School Assembly
 (Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 2012)
Tangle with Polyglot Theatre (Singapore Arts Festival, 2012)
69°S with Phantom Limb Company (Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York City, 2011)
Fin (Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2010)
The Fortune Teller (Phantom Limb Company, NYC, 2010)
The Falling Room and the Flying Room (Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Tasmania, 2009).

Sabrina is a practitioner of Body Poetry, an eccentric and fairly non-existent art form that is best described as “non-verbal spoken word”, or “human-puppetry”. It borrows from the great traditions of mime, interpretive dance, mask, and ham. For more information please refer to What is Body Poetry?.

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