Body Poet

Darebin Arts Speakeasy presents…
Sabrina D’Angelo – Body Poet
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013

Sabrina makes poetry with her body. Let it take you on a fantastical journey into The Bizarre. She is fluent in many body languages  think Kate Bush meets Mr. Bean. What sweet dreams will emerge from her enchanted bumbag?

Body Poet is a magical, tragical, whimsical, flimsical feast for the senses. It combines clowning, slapstick and absurdity to unlock a pandora’s box of peculiar characters. Meet Baby Woman. She’s a grown woman who’s also a baby. Then there’s Ethnic Elf, an effeminate, moustache-toting Christmas elf whose work is never done. Last but not likeable there’s Evil Durian Lady ™ a cantankerous, shifty and possibly deceased Chinese grandmother. She pulls foul smelling Asian fruit from her pouch and leers at young women.

“Horrifically funny, with an emphasis on horror.” Time Out Melbourne

“Her post-socialist, eco-feminist interpretive dance will have you in stitches.” The Age

Directed by The Bedroom Philosopher

Playing at Speakeasy Comedy at the Northcote Town Hall
13 – 21 April
9pm (8pm Sundays, no Wednesday)
Tickets $18 / $15 / $13

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